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It looks like the there will be a new “Stieg Larsson” novel after all

But would Larsson himself have approved? Earlier this week the global publishing industry was astir with the news that there is a new “Stieg Larsson” novel in the works. We put “Stieg Larsson” in quotation marks, because this new work … Continue reading

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Norstedts Commits Larsson-y: If Stieg Larsson Had Written “Chasing Salander” You May Never Have Wanted to Read His Books

If you were Norstedts, the Swedish publisher, and there was no fourth Stieg Larsson book to publish but wanted to keep the Larsson brand thriving, you might tell your marketing department to get together with your interactive media group at … Continue reading

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Follow the Money Trail, Part 1: The selling of the movie rights to the Millennium trilogy

“The worst movie deal in Swedish history.” So Kurdo Baski, a friend and supporter of Larsson in the 1990s, told the Swedish afternoon tabloid Expressen recently about the original deal to turn the Millennium trilogy into a film and TV show. It’s a controversial … Continue reading

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