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Dan Burstein in Beverly Hills, CA
On November 14, 2011, author Dan Burstein will speak at Beverly Hills City Hall on The Tattooed Girl, the enigma of Stieg Larsson’s life and death, and the countdown to David Fincher’s new Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. Click here for more information (PDF).

Dan Burstein in Westport, CT
On September 12, 2011, author Dan Burstein spoke on the Stieg Larsson phenomenon and shared photos of Stieg’s Sweden taken by photographer Julie O’Connor.

Dan Burstein at Barnes & Noble, Westport, CT
On June 15, 2011, author Dan Burstein spoke on The Tattooed Girl and the Stieg Larsson phenomenon at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Westport, CT.


The Tattooed Girl on Bookwitch
Bookwitch explains why The Tattooed Girl stands out from the pack.

The Moral Geography of Stieg Larsson
This article by Dan Burstein appeared in the July issue of Weston Magazine.

The Tattooed Girl on Bookgasm
Rod Lott of Bookgasm reviews The Tattooed Girl.

Books to Bury Yourself In
New York Times critic Janet Maslin included The Tattooed Girl on her list of 19 summer reading picks.

The Tattooed Girl is Top Pick featured The Tattooed Girl as a top culture and entertainment pick of the week (see photo #16).

Stieg Larsson and Science Fiction
FantasyBookCritic carries an excerpt from John-Henri Holmberg’s piece in The Tattooed Girl about Stieg Larsson and his love for science fiction.

Publishers still wild about late novelist Larsson
The Delaware News Journal on the release of The Tattooed Girl and Eva Gabrielsson’s new memoir.

Stieg Larsson Books Just Keep On Coming
The Christian Science Monitor covers The Tattooed Girl and Eva Gabrielsson’s memoir.

Stieg Larsson Lives On in Two New Books
USA Today covers the release of The Tattooed Girl. 

The Venture Capitalist Who Writes Books About Books
Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal blogger Chris Zinsli tells the story of The Tattooed Girl. 

Lisbeth Salander, Hollywood and Feminism
Melissa Silverstein, a Tattooed Girl contributor, posted her essay “Lisbeth Salander, Hollywood, and Feminism” on her blog, Women and Hollywood.

Pre-Frankfurt Buzz: Burstein Gets Six Figures in Two Deals for Newest ‘Secrets’ Book
In September 2010, Publishers Weekly’s Rachel Deahl covered the signing of the book deals for what would become The Tattooed Girl.


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