What’s wrong with this picture?

The connection between literature and food is a long and important one and is certainly a notable thread throughout the Millennium books. Given our own appetites for both we perked up when we came upon a blog post calling attention to a photo series entitled Fictitious Disheswherein the graphic designer Dinah Fried recreates famous meals from some classic novels.

Fried has staged complete and very believable place settings drawn from books such as Moby Dick (chowder, of course), Oliver Twist (gruel), Alice in Wonderland (fine bone china), and Catcher in the Rye (grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle).

But when it came to imagining a meal from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo we think Fried went far astray.

Meal from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, copyright Dinah Fried

Photograph by Dinah Fried

True, the book does have a scene in which Salander is eating “three open rye bread sandwiches with cheese, caviar [capers], and a hard-boiled egg.” But we all know she is not really a smorrebrod kinda girl. 

We instead better remember plenty of helpings of Billy’s Pan Pizza bought at the local 7-11 and heated in its own package in the microwave (don’t ask). Perhaps a simple (non-grilled) cheese sandwich. Or even a healthy breakfast once consisting of a couple of glasses of kefir and an apple.

At the other end of the culinary scale, Vanger eats moose steak prepared by his housekeeper, who also serves him bacon pancakes with lingonberries. Coffee bars aside, Blomkvist prefers Restaurant Tabbouli and once dives into a pub to eat roast mutton and down three glasses of ale. Salander, Blomkvist and Erica all show up at Restaurant Kvarnen.

For some images of these restaurants, coffee bars, and other sights associated with “Dragon Tattoo,” visit Julie O’Connor’s slide show connected to this blog.

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