Lisbeth, Graphically Yours

As we previewed last October and this January, DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint will publish a graphic version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo this coming November. Just released is the comic book world’s equivalent of a trailer: a free 24-page special edition preview of Chapter 1. let fans know that the graphic novel will hit comic shops — and the Web — on “Free Comic Book Day,” May 5 ( but that the sample chapter is already available on

We checked it out and were excited to see that it began to tell the story in the best graphic novel tradition, including the appropriate mood. The first pages of the prologue beautifully frame the story: Vanger, staring out the window of his luxurious office/library at the bridge where the accident linked to the disappearance of Harriett took place, is being served tea by his housekeeper and notified of the arrival of a package, which then segues to a letter opener, and then…

It’s a tantalizing preview indeed and makes us all the more eager for the complete work this Fall.

Register to “buy” your own free preview copy at

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