Eva Gabrielsson Continues Her Quest

The irony is striking, even if unintended: Eva Gabrielsson will be giving an author’s talk over the Memorial Day weekend in Philadelphia.

She is returning to our shores presumably to again promote her book, “There are Things I Want You to Know” about Stieg Larsson and Me, now available in paperback. The event is being held at the Philadelphia Free Library on Thursday, May 31 at 7:30pm. The press release emphasizes that the evening will focus on the “other side” of Larsson–the side of him as a crusading journalist: “Famous only in death, Larsson was a fervent feminist, activist, and journalist who portrayed right-wing extremism and insidious neo-Nazi movement in Sweden. In There Are Things I Want You to Know, Gabrielsson lays out the parallels and gaps between the literary narratives of Larsson’s three books and the violent modern-day Sweden that few people knew about and Larsson railed against, all while telling their love story and her stifling anguish after his death.”

Like her appearances during last year’s book tour, Eva will be presented “in conversation,” in this case with John Timpane, a staff writer for The Philadelphia InquirerAnd, if her previous public appearances are a guide, she will likely use the event not just to promote her book and to “set us straight” about Larsson, but also to update the audience on the latest in her struggle to reclaim Stieg’s legacy.

Our question: will she now be willing to give the world more details about the mysterious fourth book? Last year she disclaimed any interest in writing it herself. But is anyone else at work, whether at her behest or that of Stieg’s father and brother? So far, silence.

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