Imagining Lisbeth

Rooney Mara has imagined her. Noomi Rapace has imagined her. You’ve no doubt imagined her.

But how did Stieg Larsson himself imagine Lisbeth Salander? How might he have “seen” her face in his own mind? We may have an answer, thanks to Brian Davis, a British writer and media artist.

Davis took the technology created by law enforcement to make composite drawings of suspects and used it to sketch her face based solely on the description of the character drawn from the Millennium books.

Lisbeth Salander, image by Brian Davis

image by Brian Davis

In addition to Lisbeth Salander, he has used the software to crank out mugshots of the likes of Lolita, Emma Bovary, and other famed literary characters. The site Davis created for his work, The Composites, attracted 6,000 visitors in its first few days and many fans were soon asking him to apply his talents to their own favorite. Additionally, stories have been done about him on by the BBC and The Atlantic.

A clever idea, to be sure, but we’ll stick with the image of Lisbeth retained in our brain from the first time we met her.

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2 Responses to Imagining Lisbeth

  1. Mikel says:

    Hell NO!!! That doesn’t look at all like my Lisbeth. My Lisbeth is much much better that that. I’ll stick to my own memory of her.

  2. Noomi Rapace will always be Lisbeth to me (and is now also my new celebrity girl-crush) lol

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