“Girl” Withdraws Millions From Box Offices Around the World

Wennerström’s account at Bank of Kroenenfield in the Cayman Islands, containing $260 million…had been emptied the day before Millennium published its exposé.

Oh, well. Our prognostication that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo might not garner great box office has turned out to be off the mark. Although, we add defensively, not as far off as one critic who characterized its opening as “a high profile murder at the multiplex.”

What got us into this apologetic mood was the news that the film was No. 1 in France over the past weekend, with a box office of $3.2 million. That in turn led us to check Boxofficemojo.com, which calculated a $15.7 million draw from 4,630 locations in 53 foreign markets over the same three days, thereby elevating the film’s foreign gross total to $70.8 million. (By comparison, the Swedish version garnered $94 million abroad.)

Add that to a domestic gross to date of $94.8 (roughly equal to the production budget, and $84 million more than the Swedish version did in the US), and the film has now reached nearly two-thirds of what Lisbeth, posing as Monica Sholes, revengefully withdrew from the account of Wennerström, the corrupt financier who had engineered Mikael Blomkvist’s conviction for libel.

Guess the producers can now follow Salander/Sholes and, as the book put it, “live a life of luxury at one of Zurich’s most expensive hotels.”

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