We Are Honored

We are honored and delighted that our book, The Tattooed Girl, has just been nominated for the Edgar Award, widely acknowledged to be the most prestigious award in the mystery genre. It is presented annually by the Mystery Writers of America, an organization of writers, editors, associated professionals, and fans generally.

The nomination is in the category of “Best Critical Biography,” which we share with books about Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle, Alfred Hitchcock, and one about women in detective films. The winner will be announced April 26.

We hasten to add that the Tattooed Girl is not only our book: its success—and reputation—is due in no small part to our many contributors, whose insights reach beyond the unique and striking biography of Larsson to topics ranging from Nordic crime fiction and the state of Swedish society to remembrances by friends and colleagues, essays about Larsson the feminist, and how Stieg’s works have been re-imagined in other media.

For a complete list of contributors and the table of contents use our menu above, or click on the thumbnail of the book to the right that takes you to Amazon.com then click on the “Search inside this book” link under the image of the book there. (And don’t miss the nice things readers have had to say about The Tattooed Girl.)

May the raven be with us!

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