Eva Gabrielsson Skipped the Swedish Premier Of the Film

John-Henri Holmberg, who was a good friend of Stieg Larsson’s since they were both teenagers and who remains a friend of Eva Gabrielsson’s, was told by Eva that on December 3rd her lawyer received an invitation from Joakim Larsson, Stieg’s brother, to attend a special pre-premier gala showing of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Stockholm on December 13th.

Eva was asked to RSVP directly to Joakim, with whom she has had no direct contact for years. She declined to respond. Then, on December 7, the studio called her to ask if she had received her invitation. Yes, she said, but told them she would prefer to see the movie at some other time. The studio then offered her a private showing, which she also declined.

So, the main stars were there, David Fincher was there, and other well-known individuals were there, feasting on champagne, canapés, and a lavish supper. But not Eva, who arguably might have been the guest of honor. But Holmberg says that she remains determined not to be photographed either with Joakim or Stieg’s father, or for that matter anyone else associated with them, in any context which might convey the impression that she is even the slightest bit acquiescent to being cut out of life companion Stieg Larsson’s literary legacy.

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