“Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” Gets One Top Critics Award and One “Pass” Even Before Its General Release

The National Board of Review, an organization that has been giving out top 10 awards since 1929 and whose members include savvy film enthusiasts, academics, and filmmakers in the New York metropolitan area, has named “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” one of the group’s top films of the year. NBR also singled out Rooney Mara for her breakthrough performance.

(Other awards included George Clooney as best actor for “The Descendants” and Tilda Swinton as best actress for her role in “We Need to Talk About Kevin”. The best film award went to “Hugo”.)

On the other hand, while director David Fincher and producer Scott Rudin also managed to convince the better-known New York Critics Circle to postpone their voting for a day until they could screen the finished film, the result wasn’t all that positive: the NYCC left it off their awards list altogether.

Now if only the rest of us could get a preview….

PS for film buffs:

NBR’s history makes absorbing reading. This from their website:

The National Board of Review was originally founded to protest New York City Mayor George B. McClellan, Jr.’s revocation of moving picture exhibition licenses on Christmas Eve 1908. The mayor believed that the new medium downgraded the morals of the community. To assert their constitutional freedom of expression, theater owners led by Marcus Loew and the top film distributors of the day – Edison, Biograph, Pathe and Gaumont – joined John Collier of the People’s Institute at Cooper Union and established the New York Board of Motion Picture Censorship. The organization, which changed its name to the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures to avoid the taint of the word “censorship,” became a clearinghouse that endorsed films of merit and championed the new “art of the people,” which was transforming America’s – and soon the world’s –  cultural life.

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  1. jenny says:

    That’s great. Hope this draws even more attention to Mr Larsson’s work. Nice blog by the way. Pls don’t abandon it. There are very few quality blogs about Mr Larsson’s work.

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