The People Who Riff on the Larsson Titles

Wordplay on the Larsson titles has become a favorite pastime for marketers, journalists, movie reviewers, bloggers, and writers of all sort. Often they’re rather trite, but once in a while some really clever ones emerge. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Girl Who ….
    • …Conquered the World (referencing Lisbeth Salander)
    • …Loved . . . and Lost (Eva Gabrielsson, who didn’t inherit Larsson’s estate)
    • …Deserves to Escape Her Author (Salander is a great character but Larsson is not a great writer)
    • … Fixed the Umlaut (Nora Ephron’s satire of the Millennium books)
    • … Cast a Viking Spell (Gabrielsson, who has vowed supernatural revenge on her “enemies”)
  • The Man Who…
    • … Could Not Get Into Journalism School (Stieg Larsson)
    • … Became a Logo (Steve Jobs)
    • … Stares at Goats (a movie)
    • … Screwed an Entire Country (Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy, as characterized by The Economist)
  • The Men With …
    • … the Nazi Tattoos (The apparent heroes of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer)

By far the best of the recent crop was the one created by the headline writer for the Chicago Tribune in announcing the winner of this year’s Nobel prize in literature, which went to a Swedish poet: “Thomas Tranströmer: The Man with the Nobel Tattoo”.

Send us your favorites, sane or inane, and we’ll include the best in a future post.

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