Perhaps no fourth book after all…

A spate of recent news reports have surfaced in the last few weeks quashing the hopes of Stieg Larsson fans everywhere about the possibility of a fourth book to follow the “Millennium Trilogy.” This new and seemingly definitive story is based on comments made by Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson’s lifetime partner, in a recent interview with the BBC.

The way this particular news story got picked up and amplified all over the world is a bit surprising since A) Gabrielsson made many  similar well publicized remarks throughout her US book tour in June, B) Gabrielsson says something very different in her own book, which was published in Europe and the U.S. earlier this year, where she provided details of the 200 or so pages that are said to exist of the “fourth novel” and expressed her desire to complete it and C) despite the differing statements Gabrielsson has made, the actual rights to any fourth novel manuscript are held by Larsson’s father and brother who were awarded control of his literary and financial estate after Larsson’s death in 2004. Rightly or wrongly, it is largely up to them whether or not there will be an attempt to publish the fourth or other Stieg Larsson novels in the future.

Regardless of Eva Gabrielsson’s current view, as expressed in the BBC interview and published around the world from there, the question of the fourth novel is far from settled.

For our view of the unpublished Larsson material, see our three part post on the mystery of the fourth book (Parts I, II, and III) and our page about John-Henri Holmberg’s knowledge of the fourth book.

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One Response to Perhaps no fourth book after all…

  1. Susan Dunbar says:

    It is such a shame to think that no more books will be written based on these delightful characters. Where is the twin sister? I want to know what happened to her! Would love to see them reconnect and team up for some adventures/misadventures! Fans of this series want so much more!

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