The Hypnotist: Another Entry in the Stieg Larsson Sweepstakes

Lars Kepler, whom we interviewed in Stockholm last fall, is getting great notices for his recently released English-language debut novel, The Hypnotist.

Patrick Anderson of The Washington Post wrote a terrific summary of the book and concluded that it was a “serious, disturbing, highly readable novel that is finally a meditation on evil.” (Amen.)

EW gave it an A- and told readers to “expect caffeinated beverages, inclement weather, and severed limbs” (to which we can attest on all counts—especially the last). Kirkus Reviews proclaimed that “a new star enters the firmament of Scandinavian thrillerdom, joining the likes of Larsson, Nesbø and Mankell” (praise a bit too high).

Lev Grossman of TIME, who wasn’t a great fan of Stieg Larsson, said, “One convincing psychotic is about as much as most thriller writers can handle, but Kepler delivers them by the roomful….He/they take us smoothly from horror to relief and back again while supplying all the shades of grey in between.”

It is by now no secret, of course, that “Lars Kepler” is a pseudonym for the high-powered Swedish literary couple Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril. American readers can anticipate their next book, The Paganini Contract, sometime next year.

Also, the couple has confirmed that a film version of The Hypnotist is in the works. No one has as yet been chosen for the role of Joona Linna, their brilliant detective known for never getting it wrong but who is, they told us, “crying inside.” We’d be inclined to recommend Michael Gabon.

And you?

Read selections from our interview with Lars Kepler here, and read the Kirkus Review of The Hypnotist here.

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