Rated “R”

Daniel Craig to David Fincher: ‘Are you f*****g serious?’ 

Seems director David Fincher is sure to further his reputation for creating films at once repulsive and magnetic when his adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo hits the big screen in December.

Daniel Craig, the man Fincher picked for the part of Kalle Blomkvist, told Esquire that he had to put his hand over his mouth in shock when the director showed him some of the clips.

Fincher had already let it be known that his Lisbeth Salander was going to be more aggressive than the one portrayed so successfully by Noomi Rapace in the Swedish films. Even the plot was to be “updated.” Earlier this year the director told the fashion magazine W that Sony had picked him because of his success with Zodiac and Se7en, both featuring serial killers. “Now they offer me the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” he told W. “They think, no one does perv quite like this guy.”

Daniel Craig makes it clear Fincher will be living up to his boast, revealing that some of the “horribly graphic” footage in the Dragon Tattoo includes torture chambers and people being lit on fire. “He’s not holding back,” Craig said. “They’ve given him free rein.”

Click here for more of the graphic details.

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