On “the mystery of the fourth book,” Part III

In addition to the “mystery of the fourth book,” what additional books might Stieg Larsson have written had he lived? (Parts I, II, III run over 3 days.)

Part III: Certainly, as a journalist who had written several nonfiction books in Sweden, he had notes and ideas for future nonfiction books.

Shortly before his death in 2004, Larsson warned that he expected the Sweden Democrats, a right-wing, anti-immigrant party with some neo-Nazis involved at the time of its founding, to win seats in parliament in 2006. They didn’t win any seats in the 2006 election, but much to the shock and dismay of many in Sweden, they won 20 seats in the 2010 election. Larsson wrote or edited several journalistic non-fiction books that were pegged off specific events or political trends…. Given the success with the Salander books, and how well known he became in Sweden, we guess he would have used his success as a novelist to write or edit a book about the challenge posed by the election of the SDs to parliament in 2010.

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