The Tattooed Girl now available in the UK

Our book has just been published in a UK edition as Secrets of the Tattooed Girl. It is available from Amazon UK here.

Secrets of the Tattooed Girl UK CoverFrom the jacket: 

From the team that brought you the bestselling SECRETS OF THE CODE comes the first literary companion to Stieg Larsson’s worldwide phenomenon, piecing together the puzzles that make Larsson’s series so outrageously popular. Through insightful commentary and revealing interviews, you enter the unique world of Lisbeth Salander, Mikael Blomkvist, and of Stieg Larsson himself – discovering the fascinating real-life characters and incidents at the heart of Larsson’s work. Included within are answers to compelling questions on every Millennium fan’s mind: – What is the truth about Stieg Larsson’s tragic death at age 50, just before publication of his novels? – Did Larsson leave behind a fourth book manuscript and plot outlines for his planed ten-book series? – Is Lisbeth the first true literary heroine of the 21st century? – What changes were made in the plots and translations of the novels after Larsson’s death – and why? – What will happen in the contentious battle between Larsson’s life partner, Eva Gabrielsson, and his father and brother over his billion dollar legacy, and more importantly, the future of his characters, plots and ideas? These questions, and many more, will be answered in this gripping and insightful book about the man who has changed the face of crime fiction this century.


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