Hear a brief excerpt from Eva Gabrielsson’s memoir about her life with Stieg Larsson:

CLICK HERE to listen to an audio excerpt from Eva Gabrielsson’s “There are Things I Want You To Know” About Stieg Larsson And Me.

“With his books still haunting the bestseller lists and another film adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo slated to hit theaters later this year, it seems like Stieg Larsson is everywhere. But just who was Stieg Larsson? That is exactly the question Larsson’s lifelong companion, Eva Gabrielsson, sets out to answer in her memoir “There Are Things I Want You To Know” About Stieg Larsson And Me – available from Tantor Audio on June 21 and for pre-order today!

The audio version of There are Things… is narrated by Cassandra Campbell and, according to Tantor, tells the story of Larsson’s relationship with Gabrielsson, of his ‘lifelong struggle to expose Sweden’s neo-Nazis; of his struggle to keep the magazine he founded, Expo, alive; of his difficult relationships with his immediate family; and of the joy and the relief he discovered writing the Millenium trilogy.'”

— From Publisher’s Weekly

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