Lisbeth Salander & Gabrielle Giffords

When Representative Gabrielle Giffords began to make a stunning recovery after the assassination attempt in Tucson in early January 2011, Stieg Larsson readers may have been less surprised than many others at her remarkable recovery. Lisbeth Salander had also sustained a brain injury from gun shot much like the real life attack on Rep. Giffords. Lisbeth’s surgical ordeal and ultimate survival is described in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. This third volume of the Larsson trilogy was one of the biggest selling holiday books in December 2010, just weeks before the January, 2011 assassination attempt on Rep. Giffords. Many readers had just recently read the description of Lisbeth’s miraculous recovery when Giffords began the same process of recovery that Lisbeth goes through in the novel.

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