Hedeby Island

While most of the places mentioned in the Millennium Trilogy are real, there is one that sprang from Larsson’s imagination: Hedeby Island. This island, the setting for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is where the Vanger family has its compound. Still, although Larsson did invent the Vangers he did not invent the name “Hedeby”; rather, he likely took it from a couple of other places. For example, there is a village of Hedeby in a trilogy of novels by another prominent Scandinavian author, Sven Delblanc – a set of stories turned into one of the most popular TV series ever shown in Sweden, called “Hedebyborna” (“The Hedeby Folks”). Hedeby Island also could have been inspired by an old Viking town of the same name, located in modern day Germany, just south of the Danish border.

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