Many readers know that Stieg Larsson hunted Nazis and neo-Nazis during his lifetime, and that he faced threats of all kinds as a result of this work, including death threats. Some readers have a hard time imagining Sweden, a country we tend to associate with tolerance and liberalism, being as polarized or as violent as the United States. But consider this message posted by a Swedish Nazi group shortly after Stieg Larsson’s death in 2004:

On November 9, 2004, communist and traitor to his country Stieg Larsson drew his last breath. Yet another symbol of communism was thrown on the scrap heap of history… Mother Nature gave this pitiful creature her sentence, as just as it was harsh. Sentenced to death for his misdeeds against his people, destiny finally squeezed the last breath out of this apostle of evil and lies…Stieg Larsson did not become very old, yet older than he deserved. Stieg, you and your bloodstained peers fight for a dead and disgusting ideology. It is in joy we dance on your graves, joy for the fact that evil has lost one of its missionaries.

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