The New York Times includes The Tattooed Girl in its list of top beach reads for the summer season

NYT Recommended BooksWe were pleased to be included in the list of 19 books recommended by Times critic Janet Maslin May 26, as part of the “beach book makeover” for the summer of 2011. Maslin singled out Tattooed Girl’s role in introducing our readers to up and coming Scandinavian writers: “The Tattooed Girl is also a guide to Scandinavia’s next crime-writing stars, like the author of The Hypnotist, Lars Kepler. “The Hypnotist” is a debut novel. It’s the summer’s likeliest new Nordic hit. And the pseudonym Lars Kepler is a homage to both Larsson and the astronomer Johannes Kepler.”

Lars Kepler is the pseudonym for the Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril, a married couple, who have written a series of crime fiction novels together. They are among more than a dozen Swedish writers The Tattooed Girl introduces to American and English-speaking readers, many of whom are soon to be (or have just been) published in the U.S. for the first time. See Chapter 6 of The Tattooed Girl!

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