Rooney Mara is reportedly “Frightening” as Lisbeth Salander, Says Dragon Tattoo Costar Christopher Plummer

Rooney MaraeOnline carries this tidbit today regarding the upcoming Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie:

“For all you of out there who have been worrying that director David Fincher’s Hollywood adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo won’t be true to the best-selling novel, I’ve got good news for you.

Fincher, one of the flick’s costars just told me, hasn’t strayed at all from author Stieg Larsson’s words and story…

“It’s so loyal to the book that we didn’t feel we were cheating or diverting from it at all,” says 81-year-old acting legend Christopher Plummer, who plays retired businessman Henrik Vanger in the movie. “David is a marvelous director, and I think he truly has caught the atmosphere of the book.”

Plummer, best known for playing Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music, has equal praise for Rooney Mara, who stars as Lisbeth Salander. “It’s extraordinary,” he said of the actress’ unrecognizable physical transformation for the role. “And because she looks so young, it’s very frightening. The innocence makes it even more terrifying. She is going to be the most wonderful Tattoo Girl.”

The much anticipated film opens in December.”

Read the full article by Marc Malkin here.

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